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 Gorb's AFK-scedule

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PostSubject: Gorb's AFK-scedule   Gorb's AFK-scedule EmptyWed Jun 10, 2009 6:07 pm

There seem to have been some questions about wether or not I'm still devoted to the guild, since my lack of attendence as of late. I've decided to make a post to explain why I've been gone and to assure you, I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! bounce

The last week and a half I've been working late and have had too much do to after work, helped two of my friends move within the city, and two more who moved to the other side of the country. Basicly I've come home around 23:00 for most days, including some days in the weekend.
This is now nearly over, since there are only one more friend who needs help moving. The others are done.

On another note:
I'm going to China this sunday (09-06-14) and will be there for a week, learning the mystery of goldfarming. I will be back 09-06-21 at midnight, so I'll be ready to raid monday the day after (if I get back in one piece that is).

A few days or so after I get back from China, I will be moving to a new apartement, this will be over within a day though, so there wont be any interference with raiding. The scheduled date to move in is 09-07-01, but I might be able to move in a few days early.

Week 31 (09-07-27 to 09-08-02) I will be gone aswell, not sure yet wich days but probably 4-5 days in a streak. Going on a roadtrip with friends.

I am trying to get as much raid-time as I possibly can, and once I'm back from China I will be able to raid as I did when we were first progressing, being there for most raid, but unfortunate not for all.

In an attempt to further assure you that I still plan to raid: I got Betrayer of Humanity today from KZ, and with the combination of this and The Jawbone I had earlier, I've decided to try fury. I have respecced to fury (ofc), new glyphs, will get a few new enchants before the raid, changed all my JC special gems to +27 hit gems, And with ALOT of help from Monkeh king (Food and elixir)and some testing help from Lachman I have concluded that I will be able to reach the 17% hit-cap for dualwield. This will be tested in the Ulduar raid today 09-06-10.

This is Gorb, and I bid thee good night.
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Gorb's AFK-scedule
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