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PostSubject: Runed Orbs   Runed Orbs EmptyTue Jun 09, 2009 9:17 am

Hello all!

About the Runed Orbs that drop in Ulduar 25 man.

These Orbs are used to create items, which patterns and plans also drop in Ulduar 25 man.

In this Thread ppl can request Orbs for the item they desire.

Here is what to do to get the Orbs.

1. You need to link the item you want in here, and also name the person on this server who can craft it for you.
2. You need to show us that you have all the rest of the materials needed to get that item crafted.
3. Runed Orbs will go for a set price of 50 DKP each.
4. Runed Orbs will be given out by myself to the person who has accomplished rule 1 and 2.
5. If more then 1 person has all the other mats ready and found a crafter for his/her item, the Runed Orbs will be giving out first to the person who has the most DKP.
6. Orbs will only be given out for Main Spec items.
7. At start, we will only give out Orbs to get 1 item per person, Orbs for 2nd item can be asked for if we have enough Orbs and no1 else is on the list for their first item.

If you have any questions about his, dont hesitate to contact me ingame or by PM on the forum.

Only post in here if you want to request Orbs!

Gr, Xarthan
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Runed Orbs
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