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 army of the dead and you

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PostSubject: army of the dead and you   army of the dead and you EmptyTue Jun 02, 2009 4:33 am

test was asking me about why we dont use army on bosses. so as promised, here is some info about it, from elitist jerks:

Army of the Dead


AotD can be used on raid bosses, it appears that any mob marked as a raid boss is not tauntable by AotD, this applies to both 10 and 25 man versions of bosses
AotD will still taunt non-boss mobs even in a boss scenario, such as lava adds or whelps on Sartharion
It does not appear that Night of the Dead reduces AoE damage taken by AotD from the 3.0.8 patch, but further testing is needed (credit Mooncrow)
AotD does not appear to receive raid buffs, such as LotP or Heroism (credit Mooncrow)
From testing, it appears that AotD does benefit from UP, which would be beneficial to switch to before using it if using AotD before a boss pull (such as on Patchwerk or Thaddius). DPS loss vs gain switching to UP during combat would probably be negligible. (Credit to Fugazor)
If you have a perma-ghoul out, it appears you can have some level of control over AotD. The pet follow command seems to cause them to come to you, and if ghoul leap is turned on, they should leap with him. This is not a certainty though, as this seems inconsistent at best. (Credit to AmeroGER)

When to Use it

Here's a good guideline for Naxx on usage from Bloodmourne:

(-)- Recommend not using
(+)- Strongly recommend

Arachnid Quarters
Anub'rekhan (-)- From the impales to adds, not really recommended to use aotd here. I found using them no matter how good the timing something always comes up and kills them fast. Short fight to begin with.

Faerelina (-)- Same thing. Adds and AoE. If you have one on an add, just sac it (which can be a dps loss).

Maexxna (+)- Had an increase of dps here. Key is to summon right out of a web spin and just before enrage. Army stays on maexx and will ignore adds, leaving you to kill adds (increasing your dps).

Construct Wing
Patchwerk (+)- Army shines here. Use around 40%-35%, nice dps increase.

Grobbulus (-)- Probably one, if not the worse boss, to use AotD. Instantly die to any poison drop, and can pick up adds

Gluth (tbd)- Testing Needed

Thaddius (-)- DPS loss. Better off dropping a DnD then spending time summoning. (except if used right after adds die, before he becomes active)

Plague Wing
Noth the Plaguebringer (-)- Constant adds make it a problem

Heigan the Unclean (-)- Had some sucess on P1, really depends on the tank and how well he positions Heigan, but he can be stubborn and anything behind him will die. Honestly not worth using, better to save for Loatheb

Loatheb (+)- Same as Patchwerk, seems to shine here.

Military Quarters
Instructor Razuvious (-)- Need confirmation, but when I have summoned AotD here, the army would taunt Razuvious and get instapwned, even at -50%. Not sure if this is a bug or intended, but there you go.

Gothik the Harvester (+)- If you are on dead side, summoning just as he comes down and ports to your side was excellent dps increase. Only negative is when he ports to other side your army of course does not follow. If you have excellent dps in your guild though gates will open and army will follow to other side.

Four Horsemen (tbd)- Some guilds explode Thane or one of the other 4hmen before 3 stacks. Still need to test, but could see possibly summoning before pull, will need to test or get confirmation.

Sapphiron (-)- Sapph > AotD. Bad enough our ghouls and gargoyles get owned consistently thru the fight. Worst fight in the instance for our ghouls.

KT (+)- I say +, because it is a dps increase if used properly. Used AFTER the adds are out and tanks have picked up the adds. Sometimes a random void will appear and own your army, that's just unfortunate, but if used after your tanks have pulled the adds away from KT and to the other side, they will all go on KT.

Bosses in Ulduar (based on 10 man Ulduar and my experience, this may vary for 25 man):

Flame Levithan (doesn't matter) - can't be used

Razorscale (-) - Really tricky to use properly here, though you could probably pop it as he's coming down for the 50% when he's permagrounded. Just make sure the adds are killed first, but this is probably not a good fight to use it on.

XT - 002 Deconstructor (+) - Used pre-pull is perfect or while waiting for the 1st heart might be a really good idea, especially if you are trying to activate hardmode and need to squeeze out the dps. Just gotta be careful of the adds, which is why I'd recommend pre-pull or 1st heart, and none of the others.

Ignis (-) - The adds come out almost as soon as he hits the tank, and based on the strat our guild uses, we set the tank into position and use a hunter to misdirect, so your mileage may vary. I'd still not recommend it for this fight.

Assembly of Iron (+) - No adds, and this is kinda a dps race, so as long as you can trust your tanks to pull their add correctly, this is a good fight to use it on.

Kologarn (+) - Adds only come after the arm is destroyed, and burning his right arm down is the strat we used, so army worked well on the pre-pull here.

Auriaya (-) - The adds here are squirrely to begin with, and AotD won't make it easier for the OT or MT to pick them up.

Freya (-) - Spawns adds that have to be picked up, another fight where AotD doesn't work well

Hodir (+) - This should be fine to use them on prepull, helped us get the NPC's out of the blocks faster (not that they took a lot of time) and move on to Hodir himself

Thorim (-) - Lots of adds here, so a no-no. My group stayed in the arena, but I think this is also bad for the hallway as well. Even after he jumps down, there isn't a lot of time to transition from adds to him, so it's probably a waste to use it anyways during that phase.

Mimiron (+) - Use it on the trash! (just kidding, but seriously, screw Mimiron's trash). This fight has a lot of opportunities to use it on since you get a solid pause between each phase. I found it best to use on the 4th phase, since 1-3 don't really require a dps race, where as 4 is just a nightmare you want to end quickly.

General Vezax (+) - You get a good amount of time before Vezax does anything special and it doesn't really matter anyways as the whole of our group was stacked on top of him for the strat we used. Army was good every time as a pre-pull. Obviously don't use this if you're trying hardmode, as it will pull the add and neither Vezax or the add can be taunted.

Yogg-Saron (-/+) - This fight is all about adds, so using it during most of the fight is pretty useless. I will say though, that P2 would be a possible phase to use this on, especially going from P1-P2, since there is nothing to tank during this phase and destroying tentacles is very important especially if you aren't using Mimiron's help. If you're in the portals, I'm not sure how beneficial it would be to summon them anyways since you're limited on time, but if you get in quickly and want some good burst on the brain, this would be another good spot to use it.
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Posts : 38
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PostSubject: Re: army of the dead and you   army of the dead and you EmptyTue Jun 02, 2009 4:34 am

incidentally, i looked at an EJ "cookie cutter unholy tank build" and laughed. they totally fucked that up.
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army of the dead and you
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