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 Daralin (Rogue 51/13/7)

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Daralin (Rogue 51/13/7) Empty
PostSubject: Daralin (Rogue 51/13/7)   Daralin (Rogue 51/13/7) EmptyTue May 12, 2009 3:55 pm

Assassination - Mutilate Build
Leadriel has points in Master Poisoner (+3% raid crit on target) so I have the points in Turn the Tables (+6% individual crit chance on raid member dodge or parry)
Missing some dps in all honesty, and cant blame the gear. Perhaps some better thought-out macros and some more raid experience would improve matters.
Looking into v. simiar dual spec for better adaptation to situations (with the points in master poisoner etc) maybe some fine tuning (moving the points in Murder about when in naxx etc) to get ideal balance of dps, and..well.. dps.
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Daralin (Rogue 51/13/7)
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