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 nihàl lvl 80 paladin

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PostSubject: nihàl lvl 80 paladin   Wed May 27, 2009 4:48 pm

Character Name: Nihàl


Spec: first protection,secondary holy




Is your internet connection stable? yes,but rarely could go down for 3-5 minutes

Do you suffer from lag / framerate? rarely i suffer from server lagg or framerate lagg only inside ulduar(from antechamber) with high video details / my framerate vary from 25 to 66

Previous raiding experience:all tbc raid and wotlk raid but ulduar only 5 bosses in normal (leviathan,razorscale,xt-002,iron council,kologarn) with a priest on another server

Tell us the days / hours you are mostly available: except some days that i could be busy, 4 afternoon a week and 3 evening a week for sure

Do you know anything about Qui Vive? sincerly not

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving: Aggronauti, left cause the gm told me to don't go in istance with one of my friends cause he was upset with him

What do you have to offer to Qui Vive? my experience, my time and what else?

What do you expect to gain from Qui Vive? entertain myself with some raid cause i love it and have to deal with serius people

Are you applying for any other guilds, besides Qui Vive? no

Do you have ventrillo / teamspeak and a mic? yes

Anything you want to add, that might be usefull for us to know? i'm italian and i apologise if something is not understood cause my english is not the best, but I will try to make myself understood well by all Smile
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PostSubject: m   Wed May 27, 2009 7:20 pm

Protopala affraid gief
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PostSubject: Re: nihàl lvl 80 paladin   Thu May 28, 2009 2:30 am

Hey Nihàl, thanks for applying to Qui Vive. Your gear is quite good, just need a bit tune it more with some enchanting : some parts of gear miss enchants and some have a bit wrong or not maximal ones. In our guild we currently have 4 hyper active amazing skilled tanks who can bring us to one shoot territory in Icecrown Citadel once it realease, So my question and concern if you can start working on your holy gear to present us holy paladin for 25-men, and i dont mind at all tanking you some 10-men till you get more gear and sort out enchants. Ill accept you for the guild as protection paladin as your main spec so you will have priority on getting tanking gear over your holy one, but will use you as holy for 25-men. If you accept this, you are more than welcome Giorgio.

Also i loled at this part sorry...
Previous guilds and reasons for leaving: Aggronauti, left cause the gm told me to don't go in istance with one of my friends cause he was upset with him.
Thats looks more stupid than egoistic from your ex-officers. Dont look and dont breath in my side...
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PostSubject: Re: nihàl lvl 80 paladin   

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nihàl lvl 80 paladin
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