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 The malygos macro

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PostSubject: The malygos macro   Sun May 17, 2009 5:05 am

I know its a bitch to copy/paste in wow when i spam this macro, seeing as there si no copy paste on things from the chat log without particular addons, so ill post the macro here for any future dks or dk alts that go to malygos.

copy/paste it EXACTLY as it is, but replace my name with your own, and replace the number 4 with a number assigned to you at the start of the raid (this is so that if say kenichi sees one he can mark it with his mark, and i'll know that one is being taken care of, freeing me to find the next):

/targetexact lithirrdys
/targetexact Power Spark
/script SetRaidTarget("Target", 4)
/cast Death Grip
/cast Chains of Ice
/rw kill the spark now

also it is helpful to make a 2nd macro that just does

/script SetRaidTarget("Target", 4)

for easier marking once you see a spark.

some tips as well, if you see an unmarked spark, mark it with your mark, and keep your focus on it. If you see a marked spark, then you know someone else has it covered, look for the next. If a spark is near the boss and not being gripped, and your grip is on CD, throw a chains of ice at it to slow it down, or even (i think) ghoul stun it. i have the added bonus of being able to yell out to mirain to throw roots on it too hehe Very Happy And ofc obvious one, focus on sparks. if youve just done y our grip and grip is on CD, by all means dps the boss, but as soon as it says a spark has appeared, go find it. And a tip for xarth, if possible, call out when a spark spawns infront of the boss, as those will require 2 grips to get to the raid.
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The malygos macro
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