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PostSubject: Who we are   Tue May 12, 2009 8:29 am

About Qui Vive.
Qui Vive - Latin, "On Guard"
However we are an English speaking guild. We are a small guild based on active and dedicated players, we believe that the smaller the guild, the better the players can get along with each other and have a feeling of playing with friends as opposed to random people who grouped to down some bosses, this is good for both the players and the guild as friendship based guilds usually do a lot better when hardships come. The guild is PvE oriented. We are aiming to raid 3-4 raids per week (times and days would be voted by people preferance so we could get raiding scheldue that will suit everyone). Raiding time will tide to 3.5 hours, including 20-30min break in between which due to my experience keeping best focus up and dont make back, eyes hurt much. If we manage to accomplish our plan for the night, we will end the raid early.

Our current 10-men progress is Ulduar 11/14, VoA 2/2, Naxx 15/15, Malygos and OS +1 drake.
Our current 25-men progress is Ulduar 3/14, Naxx 15/15, VoA 2/2, Os +1 drake, Malygos.

What we're looking for in potential member.
We only accept applicants over the age of 18. (this was caused by some bad experience in past, where parents control cause guild stuck as well with a bit different vision of things, which the youngest people can attend with some time) No end game experience required, but having some raid experience be a very big plus, we're only interested in people who understand their classes and roles in raids, who are willing to learn and improve quickly. We are only recruiting ACTIVE lvl 80 players (whoever some exceptions can take place) who doesn't choose pvp over raiding. After joining the guild you will spend the next week or two as a trial member, after your trial period, our officers will determine if you meet our skill requirements and can successfully integrate with us, this also gives you the time to see if you fit in the guild and get along with other members. As stated above we want to create a relationship between the players. If we should decide that you do not meet our standards you will be given a reason at the end of trial period.

Q: What does Qui Vive stand for?
A: Qui Vive means "On Guard" in Latin.

Q: What are guild aims?
A: Progressing through WOTLK raid encounters while staying as a small, friendly but casual guild (We are by no mean a hardcore raiding guild)

Q: What is the typical member's age?
A: 18+ years old

Q: Which country do you guys come from?
A: Hard to say, we are a multinational - multicultural guild, we have officers and members from all over Europe, but we all speak English one way or another.

P.S. For any questions due to this post or any others that might comes in mind when you reading this, feel free to /w me (Roshen) in the game
Regards, Roshen guild master of Qui Vive.
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Who we are
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