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 how you doing pally (since SWP...)

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how you doing pally (since SWP...) Empty
PostSubject: how you doing pally (since SWP...)   how you doing pally (since SWP...) EmptyFri Jun 12, 2009 6:13 pm

just wondering out of interest, has much changed since the Sunwell days of retri/prot pally?

When i was prot, it was all about the AoE tanking. no real boss tanking, but that was probably a leader choice, not because pallies couldnt. anyway, so stocked up on block, as thanks to that holy shield and retri aura blocks ='ed good damage/threat/avoidance. not that i was gimped for dodge/parry/stam. Ofc just before sunwell is when they changed all the tanking abilities from spell power, to attack power. was funny watching the "bet guild on the server"s pally tank running around with the ZA hit mace thinking spell power still made a difference. So how are they now? same old same old, throw the sheild to pull, conc/holy shield spam, and spamming that new hammer thing from end ish prot? and ofc seals/judgements...

and retri... ahhh yes, i remember when i got my torch of the damned. i remember losing the roll on the sunwell spear from trash (which i had to fight tooth and nail to be allowed to roll with hunters on, i did teh maths to prove it was better) 3 times, once being to a hunter who never went sunwell again... and getting up to brutallus and being told "the prot pally we got in to force you out of the job wants to go retri, so were forcing you out of retri as well now"... i digress. Is it still mostly judgement/crusader strike and that daft holy whirlwind (incidently, that ability is why i stopped palying a pally) and what exactly is the rule with exorcism now? i was told it can be spammed, but my brother lvling a pally says its only demons/undead still.

and incase your wondering, the hate on the holy whirlwing thing, is because, before a pally, i tried raiding SSC as a dps warrior (even in those days people frowned upon dps warriors) and it was SOoooooOOooOO boring, mortal strike/bloodthirst depending on the spec i was trying, whirlwind spam, which i got banned from doing because it always hit sheep and left a bleed on them, causing it to maul healers, and blowing the cooldowns. those days, slam was useless unless you had improved (0.5 sec cast time) and even then you had to time it right. i never bothered. i still topped meters. Call me a perfectionist, but ive always liked topping meters with my lock/warrior/dk/moonkin. never did like being 3rd with my pally =(
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how you doing pally (since SWP...)
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