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This document is intended to serve as a guideline and set of standards by which we can effectively manage and grow Qui Vive family. Detailed rules specific to the World of Warcraft chapter have been expanded upon and placed in a separate appendix. If you have any questions, concerns, or need clarification, please feel free to contact an officer member.

Guild Interaction
Interaction between players, both guild and non-guild members, is what makes Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) so enjoyable. They present the opportunity to make new friends, explore new places and to learn new things. Therefore, it is vital that during your stay with Qui Vive, you continue to uphold the spirit of this charter and the contents contained therein.

Three Keys:

* Respect: "The state of being regarded with honor or esteem" and "Willingness to show consideration or appreciation"
* Character: defined as: "The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another."
* Integrity: defined as "Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code"

Respect your guild mates as well as other players you meet during your journey. Once you join the guild, you not only represent yourself, you represent all the players in this guild. Our goal is to create an intimate group of people that behaves like a family, shares common goals and helps each other obtain them. We want others to respect us not only for what we do but also for who we are and what we represent. We are people of character and integrity. We are in service to the guild, and therefore to each other, with every person playing a key role in the success and prosperity of it.

Chat Etiquette
Guild chat is PG-13. We understand that accidents can happen, though we request that you do your best to prevent them.
If the cursing is excessive, or if racial or threatening remarks are made, whether in joking or serious manner, it is grounds for immediate removal. Officers will be enforcing this rule and will let you know in guild chat if your language is inappropriate.
We ask that you try to keep one-on-one conversations out of guild chat. Please use the 'tell' or 'whisper' feature for comments unless they are meant for the guild on a whole. Party chat is also useful for smaller conversations between a few people. Please keep comments that do not pertain to anything in particular, and are not directed to anyone specific out of guild chat.
When using guild chat, please keep the use of all capital letters to a minimum.

Please note that Team Speak / Ventrillo is a service that is provided to members that are in good standing with the guild. It is a service that the Qui Vive leadership pays for with their money. Because of this, it is their rules that must be adhered to.
Team Speak / Ventrillo is also PG-13.
As with guild chat, the occasional slip of the tongue is tolerated.

We strongly frown on begging in any form, whether it is for coin, materials or groups. If begging is excessive, a removal from the guild may be warranted.
If you need help, please ask for it, but be prepared that you may not receive what you are asking for.
While we strive to help out all of our members, sometimes the best course of action is simply some advice. We highly encourage you to make friends with the other guild members, as they will be the best ones to help you along the way. Always ask politely, and thank those for the help you receive.
If you need help with a particular quest, you can usually get a group to help by posting a request on the message boards. This is a great resource as it allows other members to schedule something in advance.

We hope that we will never have to deal with negative situations in our guild. Sometimes we will be required to reprimand players if they do slip up. Our usual course of action will be to correct the offending player in guild chat. While this may seem like we are trying to belittle or embarrass a player, it is so that other players may also learn what actions are inappropriate. Some urgent issues may warrant immediate, strict action. If you do get reprimanded, please stop the disruptive behavior. If you have any concerns about the reprimand, please contact an officer privately to discuss the issue further.

In any group that you are in, the leader is the one to determine loot rules. It is your responsibility to know these rules before you go out with a group.
While we have a common loot system, this may not be the case in all runs.
If you agreed to go with a group, you are expected to follow the rules set forth by the leader. If you do not agree with the rules, do not journey with the group.
We do not condone anyone receiving rewards that do not follow the predetermined loot rules. This type of behavior is typically referred to as "ninja looting".
You will be removed from the guild for blatant ninja looting. We do understand that accidents happen, especially from those new to the system and we will do our best to help those players learn from their mistakes. These issues will be dealt with on an individual basis.
The best rule to follow is that if you are not sure about something, please ask first. This is the best way to avoid any possible issues.
These rules apply to both guild and non-guild groups.

We are looking for quality players, not quantity. Our goal is to obtain the people who have the same values and goals as our guild. It is in the best interest of the guild to have one player with integrity than ten players who have none. This too has been moved into the Appendix.

Alternate Characters
It is possible for one player to have multiple characters under the same account. These additional characters are also allowed to become a guild member, as long as the player is in good standing with the guild. It is not required that a player includes his alternate character into the guild, but it is encouraged. We understand that some players have different play styles and sometimes need a break from the guild. If an alternate character has not been logged into for thirty days or more that individual may be subject for removal in order to maintain the integrity of the guild roster. The alternate characters can receive an invitation when they become active once more.

Guild Removal
There are some violations that are considered grounds for permanent removal from the guild.
These offenses can include, but are not limited to:
1. Not respecting other players, both guild and non-guild members. If we are getting complaints from other players, an officer will meet with you in order to get to the heart of the matter. If it is found that you are not upholding the guidelines set forth in the guild charter, you may be removed.
2. Excessive swearing, flaming, begging, and disruption in guild chat, Team Speak / Ventrillo, or privately can be grounds for removal. Threats, racial comments have a zero tolerance and are grounds for immediate removal with a subsequent investigation by the guild officers
3. Loot theft as described in Looting section.

Roster Clean up
If a main character has not been logged into for thirty days or more that individual may be subject for removal.
A player that has been removed will be sent an in game message informing them of the removal from the guild due to inactivity.
These players are allowed to be re-invited to the guild at the previous rank they were at. If you are going to be leaving for an extended period of time, please inform an officer prior to arrange for a character to be left in the guild.

Time Off
If you decide that you will not be playing your characters for an "extended" amount of time, it is your duty to contact an officer and post in the forums. An extended amount of time is considered in excess of thirty days. While we would appreciate a reason for the leave of absence, it is not required. Please note that an extended leave may cause your character to be removed from the guild temporarily as described in the above section.

Leaving The Guild
If you leave the guild for any reason and then decide you would like to return, you will have to make a new application.
Based upon your reasons for leaving and the new application, the officers will decide whether to give you a new trial period or not.

Members shall comply with the World of Warcraft End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) and with guidelines promulgated and enforced by Blizzard Entertainment.

Any questions regarding the interpretation of this Code of Conduct should be raised with Guild Leadership.
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Guild Etiquette
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